Sergio Lopez Orozco

His interest in the transformation of matter as a fundamental means of the creative process led him to explore the manufacture of paper and “pre-paper ‘(Amate, papyrus and cover). This search becomes in exploring countries and worldviews that absorbs and reinvents in his work. In it we find elements of different cultures, synthesized or extended, abstracted and reintegrated into a new order that the artist assigned certain semiotic pointing inside. His experience as a traveler is probably your biggest excuse to opt to be a mirror through three-dimensional pieces made of fibers, intervened with oil and various organic materials do get a remote experience to the viewer. Lopez Orozco’s work experience is filtered through years of research in contact with distant cultures he does own, is the result of finding himself in other regions, in other languages ??and symbols adopted by reinventing their meaning within a constant syncretism.

Lopez Orozco was born in Mexico City in 1946. He began his artistic training at the Academy of San Carlos. Travel and living in different parts of the world (Japan, Egypt, Hawaii, among others) to learn from the masters of ancient traditions heirs the office of the manufacture of paper and pre-papers. Following their input and knowledge in this area is invited to teach at the school of fine arts Pentiment in Hamburg, Germany. His work has been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions in museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Pennsylvania Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Modern Art of the State of Mexico, the Instituto Cultural CabaƱas in Guadalajara and the National Museum of Anthropology and History. It has more than fifty solo exhibitions at major cultural institutions, among which the University Museum of Poplar, the Latin America Memorial in Sao Paulo, the Museum of Commanderie van Sint-Jan in Nijmegen, Holland, and the ARMA Museum or Art in Bali, Indonesia, in addition to galleries and museums in Brazil, Japan, France, Germany, Netherlands, Nepal, Peru, USA, Indonesia and Mexico.