Sensei Nomada

Convinced by the notion that this meaningful experience originates from the connection with the work – an individual with uniuqe thoughts and feelings – I have developed a model of promotion that integrates knowledge and emotion.
Focused on primary experience through curatorial, educational and commercial activities, the mission of this model is to allow for  self transformation through the engagement  with art.
Designed as an art club, Sensei promotes the enjoyment, understanding and exposure to art.
Organized around a thematic structure called Experiencias, Sensei’s program integrates artistic knowledge, social interaction and direct experiences with artists and creators of diverse sensibilities and mediums in Art.

Taking place in unique locations carefully chosen because of their emotional impact, Sensei’s purpose is to create a thoughtful, emotional and sensory  experience in all participants.
Open to diverse themes, genres and artistic plattforms, Sensei is an experiential space to feel and reflect on the realtionship betwen self, art and its social context.
Organized specifically for school communities, Sensei NOMADA Kids, has as its purpose to engage and provoke coexistence between students and original works of art.
The program has two main components, an exhibition and a program of dialogue designed to engage students of all ages with the work and the exhibition  at large. Sensei NOMADA serves as a way to support the understanding and presentation of art and fosters the development of  creative intelligence in all of its constituents.

Sensei @ NYC