Mindful of the positive and negative aspects of the fashion industry, René Garza has developed an artistic proposal that is multidimensional: Creation, reflection and activism.Critical of the damage corporate business ambition typically generates, both on the global environment as well as on “our own spirituality”, Garza deconstructs meaning by reusing textile waste. In his most recent series, the artist uses his fashion design background to explore his three-dimensional vision. Through the use of reliefs and sculptures made with the conventional business suit, Garza gives a nod to his admiration of both conceptual art and geometric aesthetics. Considered by the artist as the uniform of the business world, the suit turns the wearers into anonymous and homogeneous subjects who, in addition to toxic masculinity, can be indifferent to the environmental and personal damage generated by their excessive business practices.

Working with recognizable fragments such as sleeves and deconstructed jackets, the works dissect not only the suit but also its meaning. Assembled with a poetic orderly stacking, the pieces are at the same time symbolic residues and geometric structures. Using the visual homogeneous style of the typical corporate workers, the cuts are re-signified, evidence of the deconstruction of a value system and the configuration of a new identity. An important aspect of the exhibition is where it is located. Deconstructing the meaning of the suit in a context where it is common to wear it as an office, turns this show into an artivist” action that, although it comes from art, filters and involves the daily life that gave rise to the proposal.

Solo Exhibitions

2021Deconstructed. Marfa, Texas
2014A Moment. Public Art Installation 4825 Gulf Freeway Houston, TX

Group Exhibitions

2018 Texas Contemporary Art Fair. Houston, TX
Artisan Series HMAAC. Houston Museum of African American Culture. Houston, TX
2017 Off The Wall at Magpies & Peacocks. Houston, TX
2016 Found Underground at Magpies & Peacocks. Houston, TX
2014 Artisan Series HMAAC. Houston Museum of African American Culture. Houston, TX
Drawing at The Met. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York City, NY