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Ernesto Leon surprises us with fantastical assemblages bringing to light monolithic-totemic sculptures conceived and built from a neo-narrative using dots and lines, reusing recycled materials and incorporating photography.
Displaying his geometric proposal in the form of ‘suajes’ (die cuts), folds and cuts on stacked corrugated cardboard boxes, Leon introduces a series of daring structures that, although aesthetically invite the viewer to investigate the relationship of their materiality and excessive consumption in modern life, its sonorous aspect startles highlighting birdsongs as a metaphor for freedom interrupted in a disintegrating civilization.

Throughout confinement, the concept of Lar, as a formal structure, has expanded. Thus, all activity – that arose outside of it – has been confined to occur inside of it. Such inclusion provides a new reading and value to the concept-idea of this space destined to be inhabited as a venue, both because of the new bonds and by the fragmented intimacy experienced by its members and promoted by a new lifestyle in which a social contact is through virtual spaces created by “cybernetic windows”.
As a metaphor, “La Pajarera” or Lar de las aves (Birds’ nest), exalts the interrupted flight, the new windows of interaction and the quest for freedom.

Assembly cardboards

Photograph and assembly cardboard

Forma Curated, interested in projects that involve experimentation and research in practices related to Contemporary Art and with the aim to provide reflections on what “la morada” has meant throughout this pandemic, invited artist Ernesto Leon to be an Artist in Residence to explore this theme using the same cardboard boxes he accumulated since the beginning of the shelter in place order which contained the products he purchased online, expanding its gatherings to different origins.