Interested in understanding the origin and existence of life, Nacho Rodriguez Bach (Mexico City 1966) generates artistic circumstances through electronic means to evoke reflexions about the universe, human consciousness and social interaction.

Convinced that the identity of the universe is based on duality, Nacho Rodriguez Bach establishes a difference between the reality that is perceived and what is truly real. The later, like life and death, is partnered with duality and is characterized by ambiguity. He points out that, contrary to the certainty that pertains to science, ambiguity belongs to the realm of art.

With the objective of creating alternative ways of thinking other than certitude, Nacho Rodriguez Bach unbalances common knowledge and stereotype by creating visual and sonic ambiguities which are rooted in three coordinates: physics, life and culture. By centering each project in a specific coordinate, the artist poses dual relationships which are perceived as contradictory. Based on images that belong to current and ancient scientific studies, every day objects, natural elements and traditional forms, his works surprise by pointing out the ambiguity between the ordinary and the extraordinary.


Present in Mexico City’s Zocalo, St Catherine Cathedral in Eindhoven, Holland and museums like San Ildefonso which belongs to the University of Mexico and the National Council for the Arts, Nacho Rodriguez Bach strengthens his trajectory with a project commissioned by NASA’s Center for Chemical Evolution, which will tour in Universtity galleries across the US. it will premier at the University of Mexico and Emory University’s College of Arts.

Works by Nacho

Videos of Nacho

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