In order to know how life emerged, we first need to define what life is. Nacho Rodriguez Bach proposes a conceptual framework from which to build a comprehensive theory of life. From Form to Function sketches a theory in the making.

The artist explores the field without the weight of scientific predisposition. The artistic mind dives into the task with a healthy ingenuity allowing him to view all angles afresh. Using a visual approach rather than a chemical or biological one new patterns emerge.

Science and art have always tried to build bridges between them. Nacho Rodriguez Bach joins them within the individual’s thought process. The outcome oscillates between scientific speculation and philosophical proposition.

Scientific papers involve experiments that prove specific bits and pieces of the puzzle. These are the cornerstones used to build the new perspective, finding the shoulders of giants from four distinct sources. Books published on the subject, science magazine articles, the web and conversations with scientists.

In March 2011, the artist was commissioned by NASA/NSF’s Center for Chemical Evolution for an installation following conversations with the leading scientists. This is the center piece of the exhibition using whiteboards to project water marker animations with commentaries by the artist.

Web image search engines and the availability of scientific papers published online narrowed down what would have taken years of research in libraries. This project nurtures equally from the latest scientific discoveries as from the empiricism of greek thinkers and the aesthetics of 19th century naturalists like Ernst Haeckel and D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson.

The purpose of this project is to challenge our understanding of life but also to question the role that the artist can play in society as an agent of change. By publishing an open framework as platform the artist hopes to reach the scientific minds who will bring it to the next level, in what the 21st century is all about: collaboration.

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