Art psychologist, gallerist and collector of modern and contemporary Mexican art, Mariana Valdes has worked since 1999 in the inception and creation of projects that promote the understanding and cultural value of Mexican art.
Mariana’s commercial and promotional acivity in the USA and Mexico is highlighted by the many curatorial and exhibition projects she has been involved with, such as the Williams Tower exhibition in Houston 1999-2000, the co fouding of the Navarro-Valdes Gallery in Mexico City and Valle de Bravo that operated between 2010 and 2012.
Interested in rescuing and fostering traditional artistic practices, her curatorial focus has been centered in recent years on presenting projects which reimagine the past through daring works of contemporary art.
Since 2014 her activities have expanded towards an individual’s sensory experience whose mission is to support an artistic and transformative consciousness in those taking part in it.
The promotional framework that Mariana Valdes brings forth is an expanded model which, through a pluralistic platform, covers commercial and not for profit activities. It is meant to facilitate the creation and presentation of work and engage artists, academics, collectors and the public.
The expansion of this model responds to the interest in creating and developing art projects that incite the awareness of contemporary social challenges (problems), acting as a catalyst that triggers a solution.
Centered around the importance of what is human, Mariana Valdes considers the vital role that artists and their art should play to be a factor of positive change and well being.