Paper Today

Houston Fine Art Fair 2015
September 10th – 12th
NRG Center in One Reliant Park

Houston Fine Art Fair - 2105

Paper has been used since ancient times in diverse ways, i.e. to share knowledge like the Greek papyrus and Maya codices; as a communication tool; and as a medium in various techniques of creations (writing, drawing, calligraphy, folding, pasting, and cutting).  Picasso was the first artist from the 20th century who introduced a simple piece of newspaper in his collages, re-defining the transformation of the paper usage.
Nowadays, with the use of the Internet, paper has stopped being used as significantly in the every day life as a common element, changing its meaning and causing us to reevaluate it. The paper has acquired an aesthetic meaning, which is autonomous and differs from the way it was used during the 50’s as a simple reproduction or as a support for drawings and other medias.    Artists are transforming its fibers into artistic compositions; its lightness and fragility can be transformed into an unexpected strength.  It can go from an elegant delicate lace, to a big solid scale installation, and even to be part of performances.  These and more paradoxes have situated the paper as a tendency in the Contemporary Art World.

Released in the context of contemporary drawing and post-conceptual practices from the last 8 years, the creations of and with paper called the attention during 2013 for its inclusion on the calendar exhibitions and enclosures of strong international reputation, thus with museums as well as commercials.   In between them, the famous private institution “Saatchi  Gallery” (London), the experimental project of global character and non lucrative “Momentum” (Berlin), and the legendary and commercial art gallery “Eigen+Art”(Berlin).
During September for Houston’s Fine Art Fair, I am pleased to introduce to friends, colleagues and Art lovers a curated section for Paper, which will showcase contemporary creations made with and out of paper. “Paper Today” will include pieces from Latin-America artists who specialize in this media that integrates installation, drawing and sculptures in and with paper: Alfredo Gisholt (Mexico, 1971), Maribel Portela (Mexico, 1960), Miler Lagos (Colombia, 1973).