Living with art

The Woodlands Preparatory School
Ileana Gallery

The Woodlands Preparatory School (TWPS) is proud to announce the opening of Ileana Gallery – located in the reception area of TWPS’s main building.
The first of its kind, Ileana Gallery will provide a space of coexistence and exhibition to promote a dialogue between the visual arts and community – including TWPS students, teachers and parents — that will lead to awake their senses and the aesthetic appreciation of the visual arts.
Ileana Gallery’s mission is to reinforce creative skills — which is so important to young and old minds alike as it helps us adapt to the many changes that contemporary life imposes by providing  students with thematic exhibitions, circulars related to folklore, classic, modern and the latest trends in contemporary art.

Being exposed to Art in a professional setting and environment offers the audience the freedom and creative space necessary to think as it generates awareness of self and greatly influences how students experience the World around them.
Growing up in an environment that promotes culture, and to live every day surrounded by different artistic projects, students are provided with an invaluable opportunity that promotes a sense of community through the inherent universal value of art.
With her knowledge and passion for creating artistic projects that gather sensorial experiences, Sensei founder and director Mariana Valdes Debes, serves as a curator and producer to Ileana Gallery activities.
To begin this cycle of exhibitions, the curator has selected a genre that is noted for innovation and creative audacity, “Art on Paper.” This exhibition will be followed by other two bimonthly exhibitions over the current school year (2015¬2016).