Alberto Gironela

Considered one of the leading representatives of contemporary Mexican art, Alberto Gironella (Mexico, 1929-1999) chose to Valle de Bravo in 1972 as a place to live, create and live. In his house in Nicomedes Mancilla # 100 made emblematic works, guarded its important library, celebrated with their closest friends.

Gironella was one of the main and first artists who promoted the creation and dissemination of art with aesthetic very different from the “Mexican School of Painting.” Well recognized in our country and abroad, the artist was the subject in 1972 of a major exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Palace called Zapata’s funeral and other burial. To prepare for this important event, Alberto Gironella sought a home in Valle de Bravo conditioned as a studio. Since then, his house was all Valley and its festivals and becoming everyday found items that defined and shaped the iconography of its entire production.

Gironella discovered at a local fair mats bottle caps and has since added to his iconography covers beer and soft drinks. Features grocery cans and bottles of champagne also came from a local store, even their frames and boxes were produced by a village carpenter. That got friends, producing work, organizing exhibitions and accumulated their main treasure: the library. Gironella is an artist of images and graphs, the role was one of his favorite media. Used for drawing, stamping, writing errands or leave notes, paper is an essential part of his work and everyday life. A pioneer of conceptual art and expanded graphics, made numerous assemblies in which the main character is the picture. Gestural strokes and expressive, his drawing out in the context of his work. Sybarite and great host, his writing was the means to apply for culinary pleasures.

To celebrate the teacher who was and is part of the culture Vall├Ęs, Navarro-Valdez Gallery presents an exhibition that chronicles his life, tastes and pleasures of every day. Through boxes, oil paintings, graphics, drawings, photographs intervened “little notes” and a facility of the authorship of her great friend Virginia Morales, Alberto Gironella sample: Life in Valley check those preferences that make everyday life of the teacher in Valley Bravo.