Mariana Valdes Debes

Art Manager


Mariana Valdes Debes

Recognized in the Mexican contemporary art scene, Mariana is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary visual work internationally.

Being herself an avid collector of Mexican Contemporary Art, she initiated her career as an international art promoter in 1999.

Interested in sharing and value the creation of both established and mid career artists, the also clinical psychologist has developed an activity based on the generation of diverse projects which respond to various objectives.

After organizing a successful public art project in 1999 and 2000 at the emblematic Williams Tower of Houston, Mariana Valdes has ventured in the rescue, commercialization and legitimization of authors who stand out for their relevance and originality.

Convinced of the importance of placing mexican art in diverse venues to fortify and promote their appreciation and consumption, Mariana Valdes has ventured into their promotion through such relevant initiatives as the Galería Navarro-Valdes in 2010. Placed in two important and different locations in Mexico (Mexico City and Valle de Bravo), the gallery distinguished itself thanks to its interest in discovering and fostering artists whose work took the traditional genres of painting and sculpture to their limits.

Among the artists who have participated in her projects there are accomplished authors such as Francisco Toledo and Rodolfo Morales; who was recently given the National Art Prize, Luis Lopez Loza; the engaging creator of paper works and pictorial objects, Sergio Lopez Orozco; the strident and young mexican painter living in the United States, Alfredo Gisholt; and the innovative electronic media artist Nacho Rodriguez Bach.

The territories of contemporary art acquire solidity and resilience. Just as important are as emerging innovation is the maturity of mid career languages which in turn are strengthened in presence of the consecrated masters. In Mexico, the artistic actuality has two important predecessors: abstraction, which begin in the 50s and is now known as the rapture, and 70s conceptualists who integrate the phenomenon known as “the groups”.


Mariana offers consulting services on modern and contemporary art to independent collectors interested on starting an art collection or enriching it.

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